Walk in Your Ancestors' Footprints

About Us

Wendy Bowler

I got hooked on family research when I started finding out about my own ancestors many years ago.  

I love hearing about family stories, especially those handed down through the generations.

I am fascinated when talking to clients about their ancestors and then being able to share the information I discover for them, especially about where their ancestors lived and their occupations.

Ancestors' Footprints offer a range of options which are flexible to meet individual requirements and costs through either fixed price packages or bespoke research. 


Wendy was as enthusiastic about finding out about my family history as I was! She kept me up to date with how her searches were progressing and I appreciated her checking in with me with regards to my values to make sure that what she had found out wouldn't cause offence.  It didn't!  As well as the certificates and chart she provided  information in a family tree book.

Elaine L